Costs are skyrocketing – but wages haven’t kept up.

Working Oklahomans need a raise.

Thousands of Oklahomans work full-time and earn less than $15,100 a year on minimum wage. People who work for a living should earn a living.

The cost of groceries, gas, and housing keep going up – but wages haven’t kept up. Raising the minimum wage helps hard-working Oklahomans feed their families and pay for housing.

Oklahoma parents shouldn’t have to work two jobs to put food on the table.  Too many Oklahoma parents work – often at more than one job – but struggle to stay afloat when they earn $290 a week.

Raising the minimum wage makes our communities stronger. Hourly employees, like healthcare and childcare workers, are the foundation of our communities. They work for a living and should be able to make a living. 

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Raise the Wage Oklahoma is a non-partisan coalition of Oklahomans–workers, families, and faith leaders, all working to ensure the wages of hard-working Oklahomans keep up with the cost of gas, groceries, and housing.